过去几年间,休耕建筑设计工作室完成了贵州大发天渠游客中心、团结村木屋酒店、山间餐厅与酒吧、江西新余树蛙木屋等项目。其中,贵州大发天渠游客中心入围建筑日闻网站(ARCHDAILY)2019年中国年度大奖前10名,并获得德国标志性建筑奖(German Iconic Awards - Innovative Architecture)的最高荣誉“best of best”奖项;木屋酒店项目入围2019年DEZEEN AWARDS酒店项目奖,并入选DEZEEN的“2019中国十佳建筑项目”;种子木屋入围2020年 “DEZEEN AWARDS小建筑奖”,并获得Global Architecture & Design Awards 2021的酒店类冠军。此外,休耕建筑设计工作室获得了“2018FA青年建筑师TOP40”的称号,2021年由 Avontuura网站选为中国十大建筑设计事务所。 
Our office’s name in Chinese is “休/耕”. The first character means rest, while the second signifies farming. When put together, the phrase means allowing land to become fallow in order to restore its fertility.
In this impetuous era where many are focused on rising to the top and chasing achievements, pressure and temptation coexist. We, like other practitioners within our industry, are encumbered by the times. But when we look back on our experience, we understand that the most important thing is still the joy of design, the mission we have chosen as architects, and our desire to remain sensitive to the world around us. “休/耕” reminds us to slow down: fallow is a crucial part of farming so we can use the time to lay the foundations for our best work.
Our professional areas of expertise encompass cultural and public projects such as art galleries, libraries, museums, and hotels. We propose design solutions for different spaces, while studying the creative uses of the space. We believe that architecture is not limited to a physical structure that merely satisfies functions, but it is also a container of space that users interact closely with--a combined experience formed by light, shadow, sound, color and details, where rationality and spirituality coexist.